(Global Offer)Invite Friends and get Free Products from Mi ShareSave

Mi ShareSave: Now share your invitation link with your friends and enjoy free Products from Mi Share Save delivered to your home.

Hey Guys, hope you are doing well in our IRCTC offers and Freebies product loot offers. In our Previous Post, we have published a new offer about Freecharge free recharge loot offers. Now in this post, we are going to post another Freebies product From Mi Brand, where you will able to get Free Products by Referring your Friends. So follow the below process to Claim the this Freebies offer from Mi ShareSave.

Details about the Mi ShareSave offer

This offer is provided by Mi ShareSave. In this offer you will able to get Freebies Free Products by sharing a special link. In Mi ShareSave site, you have to choose products and you will be given a special invitation link. through which you have to invite your friends and telling them to Join using their Mi Account. After their joining you will able to Drop the price of the Products. When your product’s price will be ‘0’ , you will be able to Place an order for the Product.

Process to Follow to Claim Mi ShareSave Offer

  1. First of all, visit the Mi ShareSave Official page in your Mobile Phone. ( Click Here To Visit)
  2. Now click on Start a Drop Button.
  3. You will be redirected to your Login Page.
  4. Log in using your Mobile number.
  5. Again Click on Start a Drop Button.
  6. You will find some products.
  7. Select the products that you want to drop the price.
  8. Now Join in the Contest.
  9. You will be asked to Share your Invitation link with your Friends.
  10. Share your Special link with your Friends.
  11. Ask them to SignUp by using the special link.
  12. After their joining your product’s price will be decreased.
  13. When your product’s price will be Zero, you can place order for that product.
Mi ShareSave

Hope you will enjoy “Mi ShareSave” offer. If you find any difficulty, then you can take our help by commenting below or writing us E-mail.

If this is helpful for you, share this post with your friends and families and let them, know about this offer.


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