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PhonePe Bohni Offer- Earn Rs.44 and 10 Daily

PhonePe Bohni Offer

PhonePe Bohni offer: Now PhonePe merchant Qr code holder can earn Rs.44 or Rs.10 daily by accepting 3 or 7 or 10 different payments from PhonePe users.

Hello dear all, Hope you are using our free deals and offer like Netmeds loot coupons and Amazon Scan and Pay offers. In our previous post, we also have written how you can make your mobile recharge with the help of Amazon Pay and UC Browser. Now In this post, I will clear all the doubts of the PhoenPe Bohni offer.

PhonePe Bohni Offer

On 02 September 2019 PhonePe re-launched the PhonePe Bohni offer. Previously you were getting Rs.44 cashback for accepting 10 payments. PhonePe created three new offers by merging the old offer. The three different offers are:

  1. PhonePe Bohni offer (A)
  2. PhonePe Bohni offer (B)
  3. PhonePe Bohni offer (C)

I have discussed all the three offers below with the cashback amount and terms and condition.

Which Bohni offer is applicable to me?

The PhonePe merchant will receive the notification through SMS. In the notification SMS, you will find a link like this. In the last letter link, you will find _a or _b or _c. From this, clue you will be able to know which offer is applicable for you.

PhonePe Bohni Offer (A) – Earn Rs.10 Daily

PhonePe Bohni Offer (A): In the PhonePe Bohni offer (A), the PhonePe merchant user will get flat Rs.10 cashback by accepting 7-different payments from seven unique PhonePe users.

PhonePe Bohni offer A

PhonePe Bohni Offer (A) Details

With this offer, the merchant has to receive seven different payments from 7 unique PhonePe users daily to grab Rs.10 cashback.

  1. When merchant will receive 3rd Payment in the day from three different PhonePe users, he will be credited with Rs.5 cashback.
  2. The Qr code holder merchant will gain another Rs.5 cashback when he will receive 7th payment from 7 unique PhonePe users.

All the cashback will be credited to the Qr code linked Bank account.

How to Grab the PhonePe Bohni Offer (A)?

  1. If you are a shop owner then ask your customer to Pay you through the PhonePe Qr code.
  2. Just accept 7 Payments from seven customers and you will be credited with Rs.10 cashback.

Offer (A) Terms and Condition

  1. All the terms and condition of the offer (A) is as same as the offer (B).
  2. Only Change in Terms is that you will get Rs.5 on receiving 5 payments and rest Rs.5 on receiving 7th Payments.

Is PhonePe Bohni Offer Still Active?

You people getting confused that weather PhonePe Bohni Offer currently active or Not? We want to inform you that we have clearly discussed all the details of the PhonePe Bohni offer in this post.

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PhonePe Bohni offer (B) – Earn Flat Rs.10 Daily

PhonePe Bohni offer (B): Now PhonePe merchant users can also flat Rs.10 cashback in PhonePe Bohni offers by accepting just 3 payments from 3 different users. You just need to collect 3 payments from 3 different PhonePe users.

PhonePe Bohni offer B earn 10 daily

PhonePe Bohni offer (B) Details to Earn Rs.10

PhonePe recently re-launched the Bohni offer where the PhonePe Qr code holder can earn maximum Rs.10 cashback in their bank account by accepting  3 payments from 3-different unique PhonePe users. This is an official confirmation from PhonePe. Today you may receive the SMS from PhonePe regarding this offer.

Info: Here it is informed you that, only PhonePe agent verified merchant Qr code users will get Rs.10 cashback.

How to Grab Rs.10 from PhonePe Bohni offer (A)?

  1. If you don’t have the PhonePe merchant Qr code then visit nearest PhonePe Qr code agent and creat your PhonePe merchant Qr code.
  2. If you have the merchant Qr code then ask your friend or customer to scan the Qr code by using their PhonePe account and pay you Rs.20 or more.
  3. Repeat the same procedure three times.
  4. You will receive the cashback of Rs.10 in your merchant Qr code linked bank account within 48 hours.
  5. Enjoy the cashback.

Rs.10 Bohni offer (B) Terms and condition

  1. Bohni offer is valid only on transactions of Rs.20 or more.
  2. The incentive amount of Rs.10 will be credited to your account after the completion of 3 transactions.
  3. Offer is valid on only PhonePe transactions only.
  4. Payment should be accepted from three unique PhonePe customers.
  5. Offer is valid till 30th September 2019

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PhonePe Bohni Offer (C)- Earn Rs.44 Daily

PhonePe Bohni Offer (C): Now earn Rs.44 daily from PhonePe by receiving just 10 payments from customers. Just ask your customers to pay through PhonePe app.

PhonePe Bohni offer-C earn Rs.44

Welcome back, Dear PhonePe merchant QR holders. Hope you are enjoying PhonePe Qr Code. Previously you were earning cashback by paying at any PhonePe accepted QR code store. PhonePe was giving cashback only to Customers. Now PhonePe giving cashback to both Customers and Merchants.

PhonePe bohni offer

PhonePe Bohni Offer (C) Details

If you are a PhonePe merchant QR code holder then you are eligible to earn Cashback in this offer. PhonePe QR code must be verified and created by PhonePe agent. Otherwise, you are not eligible to earn cashback.

  1. PhonePe merchant will receive a Cashback of Rs.11 by receiving First Payment through PhonePe QR code every day.
  2. PhonePe merchant will receive a Cashback of Rs.11 by receiving 5 payments through PhonePe QR code from unique PhonePe users.
  3. PhonePe merchant will receive a cashback of Rs.22 by receiving 10 unique Payments through PhonePe QR code.
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How to avail PhonePe Bohni Offer?

  1. First of all Download, your Agent verified PhonePe QR code from “PhonePe Business App”
  2. Now take a screenshot of your QR code
  3. You need to ask some PhonePe users to Scan your PhonePe QR code and pay you minimum Rs.20.
  4. On your first payments, you will receive Rs.11 in your bank account.
  5. Ask next 4 PhonePe users to Pay using the same procedure.
  6. On your 5th received Payments, you will also get Cashback of Rs.11
  7. Continue the same process and you will get Rs.22 on your 10th Payments.

All the cashback you received will be credited to your bank account within 48 hours.

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Terms and conditions of the Offer (C)

  • Offer valid only on transactions of ₹20 and above. The offer is not valid on test transactions
  • Offer valid only for PhonePe transactions done via PhonePe BHIM UPI QR Code
  • Only 1 eligible transaction per customer will be counted in a day for offer. Offer valid for a limited period only
  • Transactions done by PhonePe customers on non-PhonePe QR code will not be applicable for the offer.

If you find this offer helpful for you then share this offer with your friends and family and let them know about this offer.



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