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Top 10 free money earning apps in India

Free money earning apps in India

Free money earning apps: Now in this world of technology, it is very difficult to earn money and live a tremendous life. So we required some extra earning and it may be online or offline. Today in this post we are going to discuss about top 10 free money earning apps in India.

India has 1.3 billion populations. Due to Digital India evolution the mobile users in India has been doubled. So foreign and local companies are trying to capture the market and gain customer by providing offers, cashback, scratch cards, Paytm cash and many more.

Free money earning apps

Now a day investment in India is growing. Global player companies like Google, Amazon, AliBaba, Wal-mart offers big big offers, rewards and cashback to users. So a big competition starts among those companies. But the users are very intelligent. They always saw all offers and earns free money by applying all the offers.

Today, the concept of business to earn money and the earn money is the concept of business

Now the question arises what is the advantages of money earning apps. So take a look at the advantages.

Advantages free earning money from money earning apps

No Investment Needed: The most important part of this free money earning apps is that here you don’t need any investment. Each and every person can earn money money by sitting at home.

No Physical Work Required: By using free money earning apps you can earn money online by sitting at home without doing any physical hard work.

No Part time Job Needed: One can earn money from free earning apps, which will help you manage your personal budget and you will not need any part time job.

How much I can Earn from Free earning apps?

People often ask these questions that “How much I can Earn from Free earning apps?” “What will be the total income from earning apps?”. It’s time to answer these questions.

The earnings of a person with Free money earning apps can be calculated by himself. How much work and tasks that people perform and what type of offers and rewards he gains. You can earn approximately INR 100 to INR 1000 per day and your monthly free income may be from INR 1000 to INR 10000.

List of Free Money Earning apps in India

Serial NumberApp NameDownload Link
1PhonePe App[Download Now]
2Paytm App[Download Now]
3MPL App[Download Now]
4My airtel App[Download Now]
5Google Pay App[Download Now]
6Mobikwik App[Download Now]
7Amazon App[Download Now]
8Qureka App[Download Now]
94Fun App[Download Now]
10Cashkaro App[Download Now]

All apps listed above provides free money in form of Paytm Cash or through Bank transfer or through gift voucher.

Let’s discuss briefly about each and every app

Free money earning app-1 (PhonePe)

Free money earning app-1 (PhonePe)

About PhonePe App

PhonePe app is one of the most popular app of India. It is owned by Flipkart India Pvt Ltd. In PhonePe you can use the UPI system for payments.


In PhonePe you will get

  1. Scratch cards for each Money transfer (maximum 5 per week) to your friends (In scratch card voucher you will get PhonePe reward vouchers)
  2. Minimum Reward of Rs.75 scratch card by inviting friends to PhonePe.

App Download Link: [Download PhonePe app]

Payment Proof of Scratch Card from PhonePe

Free money earning app PhonePe earning proof

Free money earning app-2 (Paytm)

About Paytm App

Free money earning app-2 (Paytm)

Paytm app is the India’s No.1 Payment system. User can make recharge and bill payments with the help of Paytm. Paytm app is powered by Chin’s leading E-commerce company Alibaba group.


In paytm app you will be able to get

  1. Cash Back on UPI Money transfer
  2. 100% Cashback on Prepaid Mobile recharge.
  3. Free shopping at Paytm Mall
  4. Cashback of Rs.50 by Inviting friends to Paytm

App Download Link:  [Download Paytm App]

Proof Of Cashback

Free money earning app-2 (Paytm) proof

Free money earning app-3 (MPL App)

About MPL

MPL stands for Mobile Premier League. In MPL you can play games like Pool, Carrom, Fantasy Cricket & more games and earn real cash in the bank account. Virat Kohli is the brand ambassador of MPL app.

Free money earning app-3 (MPL App)


In MPL you will get

  1. Win Cash by playing games
  2. Cash of Rs.19 by referring friends to MPL app.

App Download Link:  [Download MPL app]

Proof of Earning

MPL Earning Proof

Free money earning app-4 (My Airtel App)

About My Airtel App

My Airtel app is the official application of the Airtel Payments bank. In my article app users can manage their Airtel Payments bank along with an Airtel Money wallet, Airtel Prepaid connection and Airtel DTH.

My airtel App Loot


In my Airtel app you will be able to get

  1. Cash Back on Recharge and Bill Payments
  2. Free Bank account cash by doing UPI transactions.

App Download Link: [Download My Airtel App]

Proof of Earning

airtel earning proof

Free money earning app-5 (Google Pay)

About Google Pay

Google Pay is the one of the most successful investment of Google. After the launch of BHIM UPI Google Developed the feature of Payment Gateway. In Google Pay you will be able to earn scratch cards by making UPI transactions and Recharges.

Free money earning apps-5 (Google Pay)


In Google Pay app user will be able to get

  1. Scratch card (Maximum 3 per week) by making UPI transactions.
  2. Real cash reward by inviting friends top Google Pay.

App Download Link: [Download Google Pay]

Proof of Earning

Free money earning app-5 (Google Pay) payment proof

Free money earning app-6 (Mobikwik App)

About Mobikwik

Mobikwik is one of the Oldest Payment apps in India. In Mobikwik app you will get features like Mobile Recharge, UPI Money transfer bill payments etc.. Mobikwik is one the trusted brand in India.Free money earning app (Mobikwik App)


By the help of Mobikwik app you will able to get

  1. Cash Back on First Money  transfer of the month.
  2. Cash Back on UPI Money transantions.

App Download Link:  [Download mobikwik App Now]

Proof of earnings

Free money earning app-6 (Mobikwik App) proof

Free money earning app-7 (Amazon App)

About Amazon

Amazon is the world’s leading marketplace. It is an American company. Now in Indian market Amazon has introduced the UPI payments and Recharge and bill payments concept.

Amazon FAB Phone FEST


In amazon app you will be able to get the following offer

  1. Huge cashback and Free recharge on recharge and bill payments.
  2. Amazon Pay cashback on UPI transactions.

APP Download Link: [Download AMAZON App Here]

Cashback Earning Proof

amazon payment proof

Free money earning app-8 (Qureka App)

About Qureka App

Qureka App is a daily live Quiz show app, you can join each and every contest daily and can win Paytm cash by answering questions.

Free money earning app-5 (Qureka App)


In Qureka App you will be able to earn from

  1. Participating in Quiz show
  2. Referring friend to Qureka App

App Download Link:  [Download Qureka App]

Earning Proof

Free money earning app-5 (Qureka App) payment proof

Free money earning app-9 (4Fun App)

Details about 4Fun App

4Fun App is one of the most popular short videos streaming app. In this app you will be able to get Rs.50 as a sign Up bonus and Rs.1 per share videos through Whatsapp.Free money earning app(4Fun App)

Rewards Given in 4Fun App

In 4Fun App you will be able to get

  1. Rs.50 on Joining 4Fun App
  2. Rs.1 per share videos through Whatsapp
  3. Referral bonus

App Download Link: [Download 4Fun App]

Proof of Earning

Free money earning app-9 (4Fun App) payment proof

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Free money earning app-10 (Cashkaro App)

About Cashkaro

Cashkaro App is the India’s Most popular and highest cashback paying site. It was funded by Ratan Tata. In Cashkaro App you will able to earn cashback by shopping through Cashkaro account.

cash karo logo

Rewards Given

In Cashkaro app you will able to earn

  1. Cashback by shopping through Cashkaro link.
  2. 10% of a friend’s earning by Referring friends to Cashkaro.
  3. 100% cashback on selected products

Cashkaro app Download Link: [Download Cashkaro App Here]

Proof of Earning

cashkaro earning proof


Thank you for your interest in this post. Above 10 apps are the top 10 free money earning apps in India that I personally use.

If you use another app or know the other highest paying app, then let us know by commenting below.

If you face any difficulty by using these apps, then let us know about your problem.

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