UC Mini Offer!! Free Paytm Cash, Unlimited Free Recharge

UC Mini Offer: Now earn Unlimited Free Recharge Paytm Promo code, Free Paytm Cash, Free DTH recharge and many more from UC Mini app.

Welcome back my dear friends, we are happy to help you by providing 10 % Cashback on shopping at Amazon, Myntra and others like Great Indian Sale and Republic Day Celebration offer-FREE 10GB data balance for JIO Users. In our previous post, we have already posted V-Mate Republic Day Loot Offer Up to Rs 700 Cashback. Now we are going to post a new big offer where we will inform you about a new offer from UC Mini app. You can get the details about the offer below.

Details about the UC Mini offer

This offer is coming from AliBaba group’s app UC mini. In this offer you will be able to get the following offer

  1. Free Recharge of Rs. 25 by installing the app.
  2. Rs.50 DTH Recharge by login using Facebook or Google account. (Minimum Rs.100)
  3. Rs.10 by entering the invitation code.
  4. Rs.100 for first referral.
  5. Rs.50 for each 2nd referral.
  6. Minimum withdrawal amount is Rs.500

Process to follow the Offer from UC Mini

  • Login to UC by using Google Account or Facebook account.
  • Click on Invite Friend.
  • Then you will get a Free Rs 25 Paytm Recharge code.
  • Use that promo code for a recharge at Paytm, you will get 100% cashback up to Rs.25. (No minimum Recharge Required)
  • Also, you will get another coupon code for DTH recharge.
  • Enter that code during DTH recharge at Paytm to get 50% cashback up to Rs.50. (Minimum Recharge Rs.100)
  • Now click on Enter Invitation Code.
  • Now enter the invitation code as V7RGQ5.
  • Now invite your friends, you will get Rs.100 Cash balance.
  • In your second invitation, you will get Rs. 50 cash.
  • When your balance reaches Rs.500 you can withdraw amount to your Paytm wallet.


What is the Validity of the Offer?

This offer is valid from 27th Jan to 3th Feb 2019

Process to Earn Cash

  • Get Rs.25 cash by login; Only once
  • Get Rs.10 cash by entering invitation code from your friend; Only once
  • Get Rs.25 Paytm cash for recharge by your first sharing; Only once
  • Get Rs.50 cash by each successful invitation (Rs.100 for the first invitation); No upper limit

Who Can Enter Invitation Code?

  • Only the users who haven’t installed UC Mini before this activity can enter the invitation code.
  • The entrance for entering invitation code will appear only after you logged in.
  • Each device and each account can be invited only once.
  • The users, who didn’t give the permisson of phone calls, may face the problem of being unable to enter the code, due to technical issue. In this case, you can refresh the page after granting the permission in system settings.
  • UC holds the right to cancel the payment if any device or account has been invited multiple times by illegal ways.

How to Redeem Cash?

  • You can redeem your cash by the following steps:
  • Step 1: Click “Redeem” button on the page
  • Step 2: Make sure you have reached Rs.500 cash, click “Redeem” button on the pop-up
  • Step 3: Fill in your information correctly and submit
  • Step 4: You’ll get the money in your Paytm account within 30 days
  • Note-1: You can redeem your cash only if you have reached Rs.500 during the activity.
  • Note-2: You have 7 days to submit your requirement for redemption after the activity.
  • Note-3: Your cash will be reset after the redemption period; Please remember to submit your requirement.

Terms & Condition of the Offer

General provisions
The Promotional Event is a part of an advertising campaign for the Organizer and is focused on growing awareness on its services, forming or maintaining public interest towards them and promoting them in the market.
The Event is not a lottery or other risk-based activity and does not itself aim at profit making and is conducted in accordance with these rules of conducting Promotional Event (the “Rules”).
The Rules include the information in relation to the Event and users can obtain additional information about the Organizer of the Event, the rules of the Event conducting, the quantity of awards following the Event, period, place and procedure for the receipt of awards by writing down in the “Feedback”.
Territory of the Event
The Event takes place in India in the Internet for all Indian users of UC Mini.
Organizer of the Event
The organizer of the Event is UCWeb Group of Companies (the “Organizer”).
Period and Terms and Conditions of the Event
The Event will be held on Jan. 27th 2019(00:00:00) to Feb. 3th 2019(23:59:59) (IST) (both dates inclusive) (the “Period of the Event”). Users shall follow the directions and rules set forth in the campaign page to participate in the Event.
Way to win the Award: Those who invite friends successfully and legally will get the cash.
The Awards will be sent out to the Winners within 30 days after he/she submit the requirement (“the Delivery period”)
All actions contemplated by these Rules are completed and recorded by the Organizer at the time of Indian Time. Any time specified in these Rules should be considered as time of Indian Time.
Postponing or advancing might happen considering the network environment and the time difference, the final launching time depend on the actual situation and lies at the sole discretion of the Organizer and no disputes will be entertained in this regard.
Procedure and terms for the receipt of Awards
The Participant should provide his/her personal information at the Organizer’s request to receive the Award before Feb 12th, 2019 23:59:59 (IST). Only Indian account is valid.
By sending a request to the Participant to provide the winner’s information the Organizer sends an offer to enter into an agreement on the receipt of the Award. By submitting the contact information to the Organizer the Participant accepts the offer and enters into an agreement with the Organizer.
If the Participant fails to submit his/her winner’s information to receive the Award as required by these rules, the Participant will be deemed to have refused the Award and waived any and all rights to claim the receipt of the Award.
The Award will be sent to the winner by Paytm account within the period specified in clause 4.3. hereof. The delivery of the Award is exercised at the expense of the Organizer and the date of delivery shall be the date of transfer of the Award to the Paytm service.
The Award is regarded delivery when Organizer has transfered the Award according to the contact information the winner submitted.
The Organizer shall not be responsible for any Award related application process and expense, including but not limited to the registrations, the insurance, the tax.
The Organizer shall not be liable for information incorrectly given by the Winner. If the Organizer cannot contact the Winner at the indicated contact information and the Winner does not get in touch with the Organizer during the period specified in clause 5.1 hereof, the Winner is considered as having refused from its status as a Winner and from the rights to claim for the receipt of the Award.

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